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Hello and welcome to my blog.

I have been reading a lot about how expensive food has become lately.  The Guardian is full of articles about readers who claim that they have to eat ready meals because they are so much cheaper than making food from scratch. Families saying that £5 for 4 ready meals means that they they have no choice but to buy the ready meals.

Others have been claiming that they are healthy and would like to buy fresh fruit and veg, but can’t afford to, so buy biscuits and chocolate instead.

I have to say that I am baffled by this. I think it is very possible to eat fresh food on a budget, maybe not organic or free range, but definitely cooked from scratch which is infinitely better than a microwave meal. I estimate that on average I spend about £5 for 4 people on most meals. Over the course of the week, I might spend a little more or a bit less but I don’t really shop around and I am sure I could get some items for cheaper than I do.

Anyway, all this talk of people not being able to afford fresh food insipired me to start my blog and share some of my recipes to help people create fresh meals for the equivalent of what they would spend in Iceland!


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