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I have been wondering whether to put these tarts on my blog as they are not the thriftiest meal to make. That said, this recipe can be made cheaper by buying the supermarket’s own brand ingredients. I have done a quick search around the main supermarket’s websites and this recipe can be made for under £6, which isn’t bad as it serves six. If you shop in Waitrose, you can expect to add about 30% on that!

Anyway, if you like quite strong flavours, these are for you. What is great about these tarts is that they are so easy.

Serves 6

Freezing – These can be frozen but before you add the camembert. Defrost and then add the camembert.


Red Pepper x 2

A little olive oil

You can also replace the above two ingredients with jarred roasted peppers

Rolled Puff Pastry Sheet- 1 x 320g (or make your own – I am too lazy busy)

1/2 jar of red pesto

Prociutto Crudo 100g (also known as parma ham)

Camembert x 1 box 250G

1 Egg

2 sheets of baking paper

Flour for dusting surface


  • Preheat the oven to the highest temperature
  • Wash and de-seed the peppers, cut them into quarters
  • Place peppers on a baking tray and drizzle with oil making sure they get a good coating
  • Roast for 20 minutes until they start to char and are completely soft
  • You can skip the above steps if you are using jarred peppers, just drain and pat with kitchen roll to dry
  • Line two baking trays with baking paper, if you prefer, grease the and flour them instead. Either way is fine, you just want them to be non-stick
  • Dust a clean surface with flour and cut your tarts in 12 equal rectangles
  • Put six on each tray
  • Whisk the egg and brush the edges of each rectangle with a pastry brush (about 1.5 cm in)
  • Take the pesto and divide between the tarts spread it on each one with the back of a teaspoon ensuring that you leave a 1.5cm border round the edge (where you have spread the egg).
  • Remove the  white fat or leave it if you prefer and divide the prociutto between the tarts ensuring it is distributed over the part of the tart where you have spread the pesto
  • Take the roasted peppers, remove the skin, and slice, then distribute between the tarts, once again ensuring you leave a border.
  • Slice your camembert and divide between the parts
  • Reduce the oven heat to Gas mark 6, 200c, 400f, Fan oven 180
  • Cook for 20 minutes on a medium shelf, you may need to swap the trays half way through if you don’t have a fan oven. This will mean they both get time on the top.


  • When they are done they should look like this and be crispy on the bottom
  • If they don’t but the topping is burning, cover with foil and cook for a little longer.
  • Once cooked remove from the oven and cool on wire racks
  • Ensure warm or cold. These are great for parties, picnic or just for supper with a salad


Meat free ricotta balls are a great alternative to meatballs when combined with  lovely tomato sauce and pasta. They are also yummy as a snack.

You will find these are so versatile  and you can experiment by adding different flavours to them like paprika, cayenne, chilli, cumin or even chopped up sundried tomato. If you are going for a less healthy option you could add a square of mozzarella for a melt in the middle finish.

Kids love these, my 2-year-old son ate nearly half a batch yesterday over lunch. Here is the basic recipe.

Note to my American followers – I have added American measurements in – these are approximate, but I believe they are correct, please let me know if you have any issues

Serves 4 if serving in tomato sauce with pasta or bread –25  balls


Freeze these once the are cooked. To reheat thaw, wrap in foil and heat in the oven on 190C, 170C Fan, 373F, Gas 5 for 10 minutes


Ricotta – 1 Tub (250g) – 1 cup

Egg x 1 yolk only

Grana Padano grated  50g – 1/2 cup

Garlic clove crushed x 1

Bread crumbs – panko/dried  – 60 g  – 1 /2 Cup

Black pepper and a pinch of salt

Oil for greasing baking tray


  • Heat oven to 190C, 170C Fan, 373F, Gas 5
  • Lightly grease a baking tray with oil
  • Combine all the ingredients in a large bowl


  • Ensure they are well mixed with a fork
  • Shape into little balls about 2cm/1 inch balls (mixture makes around 25 balls)
  • Place on a baking tray
  • Place in oven on a medium to high shelf
  • Bake  for about 15 minutes until golden
  • Serve in tomato sauce with pasta or bread – alternatively eat them on their own as a snack
  • DSCF6966